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About our company

The owner Duan Ramirez created DC Exteriors and Renovation, LLC after working 16 years in the construction business. He started construction with Coastal Roofing and Siding at 19 and worked with them for 7 years before realizing he wanted to run his own company. He was the sole owner of Woodpecker Construction until 2009. Then in 2016, he started DC Exteriors and Renovation, LLC  (formerly named Del Coast Exteriors).

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DC Exterior its created to be your reliable option of a company based on excellence and professionalism, who give you the best option of construction finishes for your exteriors at a suitable price, to create together the spaces you dreamed.

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Like a company DC is in constant improvement and effort to keep grown, we start like a small company with a few services and today we add more and more our focus is to give you the best designs, materials and options for your exteriors spaces.

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